About me

Yangzesheng (Andrew) Sun

Ph. D. Student

Department of Chemistry &
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Minnesota

Contact: sun00032 [at] umn [dot] edu

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I am a PhD student in Computational Chemistry and MSc student in Computer Science at University of Minnesota Twin Cities, advised by J. Ilja Siepmann. My research interests include physics-informed machine learning, physically-based simulations, and high-performance computing. My PhD research is supported by the Nanoporous Materials Genome Center. I received Bachelor's degree in Chemistry with Honors from Wuhan University in 2017.

Apart from my PhD research I am also interested in computer graphics, game development, and graphics design. I am an active game modding developer for Cities: Skylines, one of the most popular city-building games in the past decade. My primary modding project, Cities: Skylines Urban Road (CSUR), has more than 35,000 users (cumulative) on the Steam Workshop.

I am looking for full-time positions in simulation and machine learning for game development, content creation, and digital twin modeling starting Spring 2022 or later. I would greatly appreciate it if you can contact me about related opportunities.


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Peer-reviewed conferences (proceedings & workshops)

  • Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; Josephson, T. R.; Siepmann, J. I. Interpretable Learning of Complex Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria from Self-attention, NeurIPS 2020 Machine Learning for Molecules Workshop, 2020. [Paper] [Poster]
  • Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; DeJaco, R. F.; Siepmann, J. I. Predicting hydrogen storage in nanoporous materials using meta-learning, NeurIPS 2019 Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences Workshop, Vancouver, Canada, 2019. [Paper] [Poster]

Scientific journals

  • Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; DeJaco, R. F.; Li, Z.; Tang, D.; Glante, S.; Sholl, D. S.; Colina, C. M.; Snurr, R. Q.; Thommes, M.; Hartmann, M.; Siepmann, J. I. Fingerprinting nanoporous materials for hydrogen storage using meta-learning, Science Advances, under review.
  • Rahbari, A.; Josephson, T. R.; Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; Moultos, O.A.; Dubbeldam, D.; Siepmann, J. I.; Vlugt, T. J. H. Multiple linear regression and thermodynamic fluctuations are equivalent for computing thermodynamic derivatives from molecular simulation, Fluid Phase Equilibria 2020, 112785. [Paper]
  • Eggimann, B. L.; Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; DeJaco, R. F.; Singh, R.; Ahsan, M.; Josephson, T. R.; Siepmann, J. I. Assessing the quality of molecular simulations for vapor–liquid equilibria: an analysis of the TraPPE database, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 2020, 65, 1330–1344. [Paper]
  • Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; DeJaco, R. F; Siepmann, J. I. Deep neural network learning of complex binary sorption equilibria from molecular simulation data, Chemical Science 2019, 10, 4377–4388. [Paper] [Journal Front Cover]
  • Peng, S.; Bie, B.; Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; Liu, M.; Cong, H.; Zhou, W.; Xia, Y.; Tang, H.; Deng, H.; Zhou, X. Metal-organic frameworks for precise inclusion of single-stranded DNA and transfection in immune cells, Nature Communications 2018, 9, 1293.
  • Dong, Z.; Sun, Y.-Z.-S.; Chu, J.; Zhang, X.; Deng, H. Multivariate metal-organic frameworks for dialing-in the binding and programming the release of drug molecules, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017, 139, 14209–14216.