Graphics design

I design visual identification elements, including logos, for my personal projects as well as projects in my research group.

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Video channels

I am collaborating* with Paradox Interactive on Cities: Skylines tutorial videos. I also provided the Chinese translation for the City Builders mini documentaries. I am also starting a BiliBili video series on popolar science in computer graphics.

My videos are published on these channels:


*Disclaimer: Collaboration between Cities: Skylines creators with Paradox Interactive does not involve any employment relationship. The collaboration is manifested by allowing for early access to beta game content and publishing non-commercial purpose Cities: Skylines videos on the game’s official channels.


I treat my posters presented at academic conferences as works of graphics design as well. Compared with figures in research articles, poster needs to be more visually efficient in the use of graphical schemes and illustrations because of the dense environment of poster sessions, both in-person and virtual.


Scientific illustrations

I provide scientific illustrations for chemistry and materials science research as well as my own research articles. My illustrations have been published on top scientific journals including Nature Communications, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Chemical Science.

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Earlier work

I was the Director of Visual Design at Wuhan University Student Union in 2015–2016, during which I performed and supervised the graphics design for student events. Below are some of the design works I have done at Wuhan University or under my supervision. For those who attend college in the US, the “Student Union” is equivalent to Council of Undergraduate Students.

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